> We must save resources, reduce our environmental impact and ensure animal welfare:

     Our future depends on it!Environnement, bien-être, binetraitance, eau, énergie.

     Wastewater from our site is treated on site in our pre-treatment station before reaching the municipal station and then the natural environment. Our objective is to reduce the quantity released and also the effluent load. Upstream actions such as water recycling and sensitization of operators for the rational use of water have made it possible to reduce the load and the volumes discharged. The implementation of sub-meters and dashboards with indicators of consumption and rejected load allow a permanent control of our actions as well as the identification of any deviance.

     The site's water consumption has thus been halved in 10 years and we will continue our efforts to reduce the volumes of water used for production and cleaning.

     We are working to control and reduce our energy consumption. We produce cold which generates heat. This heat is recovered to preheat our production water. We use variable speed pumps and motors as much as possible. The replacement of lights on our site is systematically done by LED lights.Thermal insulation work to reduce heat loss is undertaken regularly.

     In 2019 we replaced the greenhouse gases from our cold production, by a clean refrigeration fluid with greenhouse effect GWP < 1

     Our maintenance teams are constantly improving to reduce our water and energy consumption.

     The choice of materials for our packaging is geared towards those with the lowest possible environmental impact.

     We produce organic, ordinary and special waste. All our waste is sorted at source and sent to appropriate treatment channels promoting recycling or energy recovery. We analyze our processes in order to reduce the amount of waste produced and we always favor reuse channels rather than destruction.

     An environmental management system allows us to continuously monitor our objectives in terms of environmental performance and protection of the environment.


> Animal welfare:

     SOMAFER has always taken a proactive approach to the welfare of animals.

     No slaughter without stunning is carried out on the site. Our drivers and operators are trained and highly sensitized on respect for animal protection

     The cattle unloading and rest areas were completely redesigned in 2018 and 2019 after discussions and consultations with organizations specializing in animal welfare.

     These holding areas must allow the animals to rest in peace. All movement areas have been designed to facilitate the advancement of animals, reducing operator intervention.

     Each operator in contact with animals holds a certificate of competence which validates his ability to handle animals in the rules of the art. They are regularly audited by independent organizations and by our animal protection manager.


Environmental protection and animal welfare: Our future depends on it!



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