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Collecting Animals


1st Transformation: Carcass
2rd Transformation: Cutting
3ème Transformation: Piecing


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  • The slaughterhouse:

   SOMAFER collects part of its slaughtering by its own means on farms. The drivers in charge of the collection are trained in respect of animal welfare. A movement document accompanies the animals, in particular it indicates the holding of origin, the destination, and lists the tag numbers of the animals present.

    Pick-ups are handled by the Abattoirs de Bessines company, a 100% SOMAFER subsidiary. The herdsmen check the documents and the general condition of the animals.

    The slaughterhouse has two slaughter lines: small animals (sheep, goats) and large animals (cattle). This phase concentrates many operations, in particular the separation of the skins, the offal and finally the weighing of the carcass with the attribution of a classification which enters in the determination of the commercial value of the carcass.


  • Transformation workshops:

    SOMAFER's production workshops are adjacent to the premises of the slaughterhouse, this allows to have total control of the cold chain, as well as the traceability of the batches.

    SOMAFER is involved in the first three meat processing activities. The first processing, the carcass, includes the marketing of carcasses and quarters. At this level the triperie activity sells offal. The second processing, cutting, gives rise to the marketing of boneless muscles or not. Finally, the 3rd transformation, the piecing, resulted in the marketing of consumer sales units.


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