> The result of a regional partnership:

In 1913, the FERRAND family set up a slaughtering and wholesale meat business in Haute-Vienne.

In 1975, SOMAFER was created from the merger of the FERRAND family and a group of breeders, CELMAR.

Since its creation, SOMAFER has been involved in numerous projects, all of which have the common objective of identifying and marketing meat identified with brands and labels, to provide consumers with quality guarantees.



> A pragmatic and mastered evolution:



  • 1976 The beginning of SOMAFER's activities on 01/01/1976.
  • 1977 Construction of the cutting workshop.
  • 1982 Establishment by SOMAFER of "identified meat" in supermarkets.
  • 1988 Creation of the brand "Le Baronet" to identify regional sheep production.
  • 1990 SOMAFER sets up the company brand "Viandes du Limousin".
  • 1991 Extension of the SOMAFER plant to double its production capacity.
  • 1993 Obtainment of the product conformity certificate for certified meat marketed under the brand name "Agneau du Limousin".
  • 1996  Union of Agneau Berry Limousin cooperatives with the groups CELMAR, INDRE OVINS, CAMPAL and SOMAFER. It brings together SOMAFER's sheep supplies, in the aim of having a quality lamb production.
  • 1998  Creation of a UVCI production workshop.
  • 1999 Obtainment of ISO 9002 certification version 1994
  • 2003  Obtainment of ISO 9001 version 2000 certification
  • 2009  Obtainment of ISO 9001 version 2008 certification.
  • 2010  Takeover of the Bessines sur Gartempe municipal slaughterhouse.
  • 2011 - 2012  Major investments in the renovation of work tools (slaughterhouse, workshops).
  • 2016 Obtainment of IFS Food certification




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